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Must Watch: Monday, April 23, 2018

πŸ’―  Dana Carvey On His Friendship With The Bush Family πŸ’―  Kanye West Calls For Trumps Impeachment πŸ’―  CNN Smears Jimmy Dore & Does Hatchet Job On YouTube πŸ’―  Flight Records Prove President Donald Trump Did Stay Overnight In Moscow πŸ’―  Kris Kobach Wanted This 20 Year-Old To Go To Jail For Accidentally Voting Twice πŸ’―  Trump Allies Worry Cohen Will Flip as Scandals Mount: A Closer Look πŸ’―  Don’t Go Changing - Net Neutrality πŸ’―  Using mixed member proportional representation to overcome gerrymandering and spoiler votes and improve diversity of representation to address complex problems πŸ’―  Will Zimbabwe’s government #BringBackOurNurses? | The Stream - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  The Beginning of the End of Net Neutrality is Officially Here - The Humanist Report πŸ’―  Gun Vloggers Are Flipping Out At Youtube's Crackdown On Their Videos (HBO) πŸ’―  'He hit more people & just kept going': Eyewitnesses on Toronto van ramming incident - RT πŸ’―  Top U.S. & World Headlines β€” April 23, 2018 - Democracy Now! πŸ’―  Trump Earth Day Statement an Orwellian Disaster - David Pakman Show πŸ’―  Tone-Deaf DNC Sues WikiLeaks, Trump Camp & Russia Over 2016 Election - Secular Talk πŸ’―  French President Emmanuel Macron kicks of U.S. state visit - euronews πŸ’―  Driver arrested after van ploughs into people in Toronto- police - euronews πŸ’―  'Every single decision I've made in my 22 years is for the good and the sake of Arsenal': Wenger - euronews πŸ’―  Weekly Update --- What Will Weapons Inspectors Find in Syria…And Does it Matter? - Ron Paul Liberty Report πŸ’―  California Laws Calls Conversion Therapy 'Fraud' But No Word On Psychiatry, Astrology and Vaccines - Lionel Nation πŸ’―  CNN Smears Jimmy Dore & Does Hatchet Job On YouTube - Secular Talk πŸ’―  Tom Fitton Reacts to the Release of the Comey Memos - Judicial Watch Official πŸ’―  How the Massacre in Gaza became an Opportunity to Sell Israeli Weapons - TheRealNews πŸ’―  Chemical Attacks Hit US Cities - Redacted Tonight πŸ’―  29-Year-Old Ambushes "Sovereign" Waffle House Shooter, Takes Rifle - David Pakman Show πŸ’―  PBS NewsHour full episode, April 23, 2018 πŸ’―  Breaking: Four Comey Memos Classified. Leaked Four Of Seven Memos To Press By H.a. Goodman πŸ’―  Coker-Kaine Bill Claims to Limit President's War Powers, but Actually Expands Them - TheRealNews πŸ’―  Waffle House Hero Explains How He Stopped Attacker - The Majority Report with Sam Seder πŸ’―  ManΓ­ac β€˜Sovereign Citizen’ KΓ­lls 4 At Waffle House - Secular Talk πŸ’―  Trump EPA Director Target of 10 Investigations - David Pakman Show πŸ’―  Tough As Texas Tour - Ted Cruz for Senate πŸ’―  How to get a 'Russian Bot' label, 101: Just cast doubt on mainstream line on Skripal and Syria! πŸ’―  Proof That Hawkishness & Belligerence Makes Us Less Safe | The Kyle Kulinski Show πŸ’―  Tone-Deaf DNC Sues WikiLeaks, Trump Camp & Russia Over 2016 Election | The Kyle Kulinski Show πŸ’―  Do Greens/Progressives Face More Social Media Censorship? πŸ’―  FEC Hit With Lawsuit Over Ignoring Hillary Clinton Money Laundering Through States πŸ’―  89-Year-Old 'Wise Woman' Indigenous Leader Murdered πŸ’―  Today 15 years ago John O'Shea nutmegged Luis Figo πŸ’―  Varsity Track Meet Vlog! πŸ’―  Sen. Rand Paul reverses stance in last-minute drama over Mike Pompeo πŸ’―  A record number of women are standing for the 2018 US mid-term elections. Emily Maitlis went to Texas, which has seen one of the biggest jumps in the country, to find out why πŸ’―  Boy dies after 911 dispatcher says 'Deal with it yourself' πŸ’―  Kingsburg Criterium P/1/2 πŸ’―  Stockbridge Down RR E/1/2 Nat B πŸ’―  Bunch sprint for giggles with 12 up the road πŸ’―  BitNation could it be a solution for Crypto Regulation? πŸ’―  Diversity is Strength πŸ’―  Anzacs v British Lions 1989 πŸ’―  The Rugby Pod give their opinions on Bristol RFC becoming Bristol Bears πŸ’―  South Africa Interschools Rugby | Paul Roos vs Grey High - Full Match Replay | 21 April 2018 πŸ’―  continental Shield semi final | HRK Rugby vs. Timisoara | Full game πŸ’―  Need a green screen? πŸ’―  Free money: Testing a basic universal income πŸ’―  Waterpolo Women: Hard fight at 2mt πŸ’―  Border Patrol plant contraband in citizen's car at checkpoint πŸ’―  Marcos Maidana kicked out of BRONER VS. VARGAS πŸ’―  Adrien Broner & Gervonta Davis - 25/8 Episode 4 πŸ’―  Aaron Pryor Amateur Fight - Great display of skill and speed πŸ’―  Adrien Broner vs Jessie Vargas Full Fight πŸ’―  Eddie Hearn makes a world class analogy regarding Joshua-Wilder πŸ’―  Leonard Dorin vs Raoul Balbi - a classic that doesn't get talked about too much, but if you need a war to watch, check this out πŸ’―  suspected gunman in the Nashville Waffle House shooting, Travis Reinking, has been taken into police custody πŸ’―  Is this the most clutch moment in baseball history? πŸ’―  Shohei Ohtani's *INSANE* First Month in the MLB (Fanmade) πŸ’―  Brandon Belt sets MLB record with 21-pitch AB πŸ’―  Power in the 21st Century: What Are the Forces Reshaping Society? πŸ’―  4 Year Old Video Explaining What Is & The Need To Save Net Neutrality πŸ’―  This Week On Wall Street (April 15, 2018 To April 22, 2018)This podcast will cover earnings and news from these companies DOW, S&P500, Nasdaq, Oil, Gas, Facebook, Tesla, Netflix, Apple, AT&T, Boeing, Disney and much more! πŸ’―  A South and North Korean Talk About Reunification πŸ’―  James Shaw Jr., a customer who saved countless lives at a Nashville-area Waffle House, speaks out after a seminude gunman killed four people. πŸ’―  Kayaking with Seals! πŸ’―  Video on the Protestant Reformation and Martin Luther πŸ’―  4 Minutes of Whitewater Rafting Flips, Fails, and Carnage from my Time as a Whitewater Raft Guide πŸ’―  Paraglider crashes in Government restricted site πŸ’―  Epic Natural Water Slide Outside of San Diego - Head First Down Three Sisters Falls!! πŸ’―  Maggie Haberman responds to Trump attack: He's threatened πŸ’―  A mate of mine has started a YouTube channel that discusses all things cricket! Take a look and leave a comment for feedback! πŸ’―  TIL Viv Richards once arrived at a cricket ground in a helicopter. πŸ’―  Ipl live streaming 2018 πŸ’―  Snowboarder hits 150Kph on a snowboard being towed behind a vehicle on a frozen lake...crazy! πŸ’―  A good last day of the Season:) Friend of mine filming while laying behind the Jump in Zermatt πŸ’―  Whistler Backcountry Fun with Torstein πŸ’―  Vote for Dena aka Chrome for Callahan! UCSD Psycho Ultimate πŸ’―  New York Empire vs. Ottawa Outlaws - 2 female commentators! πŸ’―  Zach Norrbom for Donovan πŸ’―  Billy O'Bryan - Callahan 2018 πŸ’―  Jacob Fairfax Callahan 2018 πŸ’―  Is this the best placed tweener ever hit? πŸ’―  Nadal One Handed Backhand πŸ’―  SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA vs QIANG WANG 2018 Istanbul Highlights πŸ’―  Is this correct? At around minute 1:20, he shows the pronation and is that how you really get shots that are directly in front of you? πŸ’―  Sterlo's Wrap: Round 7 πŸ’―  Alex Jones: I was 13yo. with a Maybach driving satanic worshiping girl friend. πŸ’―  When UFC Fighters Get Too Cocky πŸ’―  Owen Benjamin losing his shit πŸ’―  Dan Pena being called out on his BS πŸ’―  Cat Fight in a Boxing Ring with Dogs in the Audience (1937) πŸ’―  For all the complaints we have about Joe now, let's take a moment to appreciate how much worse it used to be. Skip to 5:40 for full retard. πŸ’―  Watched the safety crew find the best way take an IndyLights car off the track! πŸ’―  Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: "Sean Hannity is a Serial Killer" - SB destroys Hannity. πŸ’―  Jordan Peterson Villain, Hero, Rock Star or all of the above. πŸ’―  KV Knights vs Oromocto Blues, April 20th 2018. Quispamsis, New Brunswick πŸ’―  SJ Greyhounds VS KV Knights, April 20th 2018 Quispamsis, New Brunswick πŸ’―  Varello vs. Varello Faceoff Battle (Navy vs. Syracuse Lacrosse 2018) πŸ’―  Ohio State vs. Maryland Lacrosse Highlights 2018 πŸ’―  Albany vs. Yale Lacrosse Highlights 2018 πŸ’―  Series where I satirize and critique random political articles and videos. πŸ’―  German Pro Swimmer Marco Di Carli races an Amateur over 100m, while carrying a box of beer πŸ’―  Going Swimming | Come With Me | Vlog πŸ’―  First female leader for Germany’s Social Democrats πŸ’―  The Best Squash Ghosting App πŸ’―  some good tricks some sketchy πŸ’―  First Tre Flip πŸ’―  Saturday Session πŸ’―  The promo to my new independent skate film named "The Beautiful. The Strange." πŸ’―  New south Texas short skate video πŸ’―  Electric Walk On πŸ’―  Earth Day 2018 Google Doodle πŸ’―  The World's First Compostable Cellphone Case! πŸ’―  First Powerlifting Meet At 16! πŸ’―  Donald Trump the Movie πŸ’―  Dwayne Dixon admits he waved a rifle at James Fields prior to the accident in Charlottesville πŸ’―  A Disgrace to One's Kin πŸ’―  Hassan Yazdani Underhook Study - Setups & Ankle/Knee Picks (Part 1) πŸ’―  [Spoiler] Matt Serra live reaction to David Branch vs. Thiago Santos ending πŸ’―  The best victory theme in MMA - Pride FC πŸ’―  EFC 69: Buys hits France’s Rouch with baguette at Open Workout πŸ’―  We made it to the championship! (best of 3 series!) We scored some pretty nice ones! πŸ’―  60% Efficiency ICE w/o Hybrid System πŸ’―  Rebeka Koha Interview: No Days Off & Never Missing πŸ’―  CNN Smears Anti-War Progressive As "Extremist" "Conspiracy Peddler" πŸ’―  Hippies - Crying Over Dead Trees πŸ’―  "The difference Between the Successful and the Unsuccessful" Jordan Peterson ANALYZED πŸ’―  Ian McPherson - One of the top American competitors in the 2000's πŸ’―  Our coach invited some ladies to give a presentation on Collagen. Very brave of them.....we can be a rowdy bunch. πŸ’―  Thought I'd share some clean, beautiful judo technique instructionals from a Korean 7th dan. The Seoi Nage, and Ko Uchi Gari combo. πŸ’―  The Wrestling Plan for the Jiu-Jitsu Man is coming to Youtube! πŸ’―  [ACB Spoiler] Failed head kick leads to flying triangle armbar πŸ’―  Although it was a rainy day GBO Week has started with our first off 11 flex start c-tier for the week. πŸ’―  Overhead view of Speed 9 Innova Driver throws πŸ’―  The Manwhore Question... πŸ’―  Peter Whittle SLAMS Mainstream Media For Branding Brexit Voters As ''RACIST'' πŸ’―  Joe Rogan - Sam Harris on Race & IQ Controversy πŸ’―  Boer Project: South Africa a Reversed Apartheid? πŸ’―  Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench with KISS Guy | Austin360 Amphitheater 2018 πŸ’―  Golf juggling combined with soccer skills - New Vid! πŸ’―  No US President has ever sent missile strikes because they care for humanitarian causes πŸ’―  New Russian 2018 Victory Day Military Parade Rehearsal πŸ’―  What is a mode of production πŸ’―  Praia Clube x Sesc RJ - Final + Golden Set(Yet another big retirement for brazilian volleyball, last game of Fabi) πŸ’―  Perugia vs Civitanova Italian Superleague playoff finals - game 1 πŸ’―  Great set by de Cecco πŸ’―  Father leaves gun in car, 3 yr old shoots her pregnant mother. Father arrested for child endangerment. πŸ’―  BEST chest workout for natural athletes πŸ’―  Mojib Flexing his Muscles πŸ’―  Heading back to Europe for the third time, going to vlog it where I can, a little intro video if anyone's interested πŸ’―  [FR] New video! Tell me what you thinkβ™₯️ πŸ’―  Best parkour event i've been toπŸ’[pk] πŸ’―  Right Wing Political Pastor Preaches The Word Of God πŸ’―  John Oliver - Ryan Zinke πŸ’―  mt. hood skibowl sunset cliff hucking πŸ’―  Count how many times you say "holy shit" πŸ’―  White Rock - Some great footage from 1976 Innsbruck Winter Olympics! πŸ’―  Best food and powder skiing on Earth - Niseko, Hokkaido! πŸ’―  Oh Sh*t, Help Us (Getting stuck at Benagil Caves) πŸ’―  Surplus: Terrorized Into Being Consumers (full documentary) πŸ’―  This liberal has Obama regret and she's "mad as hell" -- "I won't forget, so why should I forgive?" πŸ’―  Game Shot A New Site To Help You Find The Best Darts Deals πŸ’―  Award Winning Journalist Debunks Douma Gas Attack πŸ’―  Paul Cockshott explains Marx's concept of 'mode of production', its inseparable connection to energy sources, and what it means for the coming terminal crisis. πŸ’―  Brings a tear to my eye πŸ’―  George R. R. Martin on the Reality of War πŸ’―  Busted!!! Entire US/UK narrative on Douma "attack" falls apart. Children forced to participate in false flag are speaking out and US chemical expert says "gas canister" would not have killed anyone beyond the immediate room it crashed into. πŸ’―  OANN's Pearson Sharp interviews a Syrian citizen activist in Syria  Go Back 1 Day: Sunday, April 22, 2018