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Must Watch: Saturday, September 23, 2017

πŸ’―  Sean Spicer: A mΓΆbius strip of lies πŸ’―  Dog Calmly Playing With Kids After Cop Shoots Himself Trying To Kill it πŸ’―  Parents fight in childrens hospital over whose kid should get treatment first πŸ’―  Sean Spicer 'Doesn't Think' He Ever Lied For Trump - The Majority Report with Sam Seder πŸ’―  Leandro Compri submits Rubinho Castro with a toe hold πŸ’―  Shinya Aoki Breaks Mizuto Hirota's arm, then flips him off πŸ’―  Daniel Straus on his fight with Emmanuel Sanchez and his 8 inch reach advantage: "If that is the case he is definitely going to get dumped on his neck and beat the fuck up on the ground" πŸ’―  Steve Kozola on his position with Bellator: I don't mind fighting a guy like Primus, Michael Chandler, Patricio Pitbull, Ben Henderson, Josh Thompson, I will fight them all but give me the money I deserve for it. πŸ’―  Daniel Straus: Get back to the old me, Fuck these motherfuckers bro. I don't care about nothing else but fighting and providing for my daughter... When I stop caring there is no one out there who can beat me. The way I fight is too intense. πŸ’―  Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg's winning run at the Park Series Shanghai Championships πŸ’―  skateboarding Fails Broken Bones Compilation πŸ’―  [OC] 2017 Vans Park Series World Champion Nora Vasconcellos talkin' progression of women’s skateboarding, plank-related travels, skate sponges, Candy Bar rails, and how she keeps her jersey game so lit... πŸ’―  Perfect dancing of Snooker on Slow Motion πŸ’―  LIVE NOW: Emma Cunningham vs George Tierney, Β£28.2k cash match πŸ’―  BECOMING CYBORG (BJJ Documentary) πŸ’―  Inside the Ferrari garage - 2017 Singapore GP πŸ’―  When Vettel impersonated Raikkonen in his speech πŸ’―  Malaysia looks like it may be a wet races, many drivers should watch this to learn a thing or two about wet weather driving πŸ’―  TIL Tom Cruise once tested a Red Bull F1 Car to promote the first GP at COTA πŸ’―  Anything can happen, and it usually does πŸ’―  Daily Dose of Hoppewave πŸ’―  19 Year Old Natural Bosnian Hulk Smash (Training video) πŸ’―  SHOCK: Eggman Furious Over "Sloppy Joe" Debacle, Likes Gefilte Fish - David Pakman Show πŸ’―  Hypocritical Republican Wants to Ban Single-Payer at State Level - The Humanist Report πŸ’―  Why Mass Incarceration Doesn't Work - The Majority Report with Sam Seder πŸ’―  OBAMA AND CLINTON AGREE WITH TRUMP ON COLIN KAEPERNICK KNEELING DURING NATIONAL ANTHEM by H.A. Goodman πŸ’―  Sohrab Moradi (94kg) 185/228/413 New Total WR πŸ’―  The Best Basket πŸ’―  We all been there πŸ’―  NFL ROGER GOODELL BLASTS TRUMP AFTER CHEATING COLIN KAEPERNICK AND ENSURING TEAMS DON'T HIM by H.A. Goodman πŸ’―  Bernie's Clever High-Low Medicare For All Strategy - The Majority Report with Sam Seder πŸ’―  Increase Push Ups RIGHT NOW! 0-100! πŸ’―  What Are the Most Useless Things You've Memorized? - David Pakman Show πŸ’―  Apple vs Government; The Fight for Privacy πŸ’―  Catalan police will not accept state rule - euronews πŸ’―  Shot Falcon 23g darts review πŸ’―  2017 CDC "Continental Cup" Tour Championship - live at 11:30 PDT πŸ’―  Oh no she would NEVER confuse the issue~! πŸ’―  Another Child Support Beggar - a Thugtician Classic πŸ’―  CRAZY WOMEN ATTACKS TWO GENDERS! πŸ’―  [UK Labour Party leader's] Jeremy Corbyn's Speech to Women's Conference πŸ’―  How this B.C. theatre shames white males πŸ’―  Camping in the North Cascades πŸ’―  EARLY fall 21 inch smallmouth bass using creek chubs πŸ’―  It's Official The NFL Is The Worst - TYT πŸ’―  Corporate Dems: Forget Policy, Vote For This Veteran & Shut Up! - Secular Talk πŸ’―  Holocaust survivor tells her account, including Mengele’s twin experiments πŸ’―  Best Green Inventions of 2017 πŸ’―  Sunrise from the Dorset Tower - Dorset, ON Canada. πŸ’―  When Will We Have Those Flying Cars, Anyway? - David Pakman Show πŸ’―  Will Robots Take Our Jobs? πŸ’―  Martin Ford - The Rise of Artificial Intelligence & Technological Unemployment πŸ’―  Smoothest longboard dancer in the World? πŸ’―  Edinburgh Climbing Area has a lot of unique climbing structures geared to get non-climbers interested in climbing πŸ’―  Tutorial on how to pee without taking off your climbing harness (female) πŸ’―  Aftermath of acid attack in London πŸ’―  Rent Debt to Kushner Cos. Lands Baltimore Tenants in Jail - RT America πŸ’―  President Trump, I Couldn't Care Less About the NFL Kneeling, Just Indict Hillary Clinton! NOW! - Lionel Nation πŸ’―  PBS NewsHour Weekend full episode September 23, 2017 πŸ’―  Turkey votes to extend mandate for troops in Iraq and Syria - euronews πŸ’―  If this shot went in, Mark Allen was in the final. πŸ’―  Trump's reaction to being called a "dotard"... πŸ’―  CLINTON WANTS TRUMP IMPEACHED USING INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY ASSESSMENT ON RUSSIAN ELECTION INFLUENCE by H.A. Goodman πŸ’―  Creepy Hollywood Video Calls For War With RΓΌssia - Secular Talk πŸ’―  Soccer Player Chokeholds Another In The Portuguese League πŸ’―  West Ham 2 - 3 Tottenham Sept 2017 πŸ’―  Ovince Saint Preux chokes Yushin Okami unconscious with a rare "Von Flue" choke πŸ’―  It’s been 10 years since Mike Gundy’s infamous rant. πŸ’―  Barcelona vs Girona Highlights 23-09-2017 πŸ’―  Highlights from Borussia Dortmund's 6-1 thrashing of MΓΆnchengladbach including Aubameyang hat-trick πŸ’―  Donald Trump wants the NFL owners to respect the American flag. πŸ’―  Mel Brooks Attacks Political Correctness, Claims it is Anathema to Comedy πŸ’―  Healthcare Reform Blockage: Rand Does it Right, McCain Does it Wrong; Guess Which the MSM Applauds? πŸ’―  Why Capitalism Exploits Poor People [Not Really] πŸ’―  A Follow Up to My Previous Video πŸ’―  Taking on the myth that institutional racism still exists - Horace Cooper πŸ’―  Republican Whines About Govt Flood Insurance: 'God's Telling You To Move' - Secular Talk πŸ’―  Imperialist at it again! #NeoConWatch πŸ’―  Who or what created money? πŸ’―  Actions Will Speak Louder Than Words On Medicare For All - TYT πŸ’―  Netanyahu: Israel Supports Independent Kurdish State - David Pakman Show πŸ’―  Top Caller in History? - David Pakman Show πŸ’―  Rob Reiner: Russia Put Democracy "On The Brink" - Let The Madness Begin πŸ’―  This is how the coaches on Tough Enough reacted after Patrick Clark (Velveteen Dream) was eliminated from the show πŸ’―  The Shield returning to RAW after winning both WWE United States and WWE Tag Team Titles at Extreme Rules πŸ’―  NOAH - Jushin Liger & Takehiro Murahama vs KENTA & Naomichi Marufuji (2003.7.16) ~ GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship Match ~ πŸ’―  Scott Steiner tells Ric Flair: "Just one time he should have took a cab and used that money to fix his crooked yellow teeth!" Holla if you hear me! πŸ’―  Jimmy Uso With A TERRIFIC Save! πŸ’―  Nobodies Watching Wrestling Patreon Bonus #2: Custom Reads 9/2017 πŸ’―  Will the US pull out of the Iran nuclear deal? - Inside Story - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  War, Destruction, Crime, Abandonment and Soulless Coexistience: Happy Saturday! - Lionel Nation πŸ’―  Russia Launches World’s BIGGEST & Most POWERFUL Nuclear Icebreaker Called Siberia - Russia Insider πŸ’―  Jacob Rees-Mogg discusses Theresa May's speech on Brexit on Newsnight πŸ’―  He gets more and more radical every video. I love it. Cracked's "Some News- What Sean Spicer's Emmys Appearance Says About How We Consume The News" πŸ’―  Anti-communist video straight up gets facts wrong πŸ’―  Lenin - The State and Revolution (audiobook in russian) - Государство ΠΈ Ρ€Π΅Π²ΠΎΠ»ΡŽΡ†ΠΈΡ πŸ’―  It is US who threatened to use nuclear weapons during Korean War - N. Korean FM πŸ’―  FIFA couldn't get their shit together, so here's all Puskas Award nominee goals with commentary, without constant camera cuts. πŸ’―  Amazing goal was just scored in Lithuanian top league. Possibly the goal of the week in this sub? πŸ’―  Damian Lillard's NEW song (Ft. Lil Wayne) πŸ’―  TRUMP DOJ TO INDICT CLINTON FOR STORING TOP SECRET EMAILS: Americans Just Need To Speak to Sessions by H.A. Goodman πŸ’―  Twelvetrees Try - Ackermanns got Gloucester playing some wonderful attacking rugby πŸ’―  US bombers stage show of force near North Korea - euronews πŸ’―  Relax, This Is OFFICIAL Fake News - TYT πŸ’―  BMX Parkour - Streets of Barcelona πŸ’―  Herpes Hillary - Psychotherapy Ramones Cover πŸ’―  "We're in a weird time right now. Just wanted to point that out" (Wait for it. It just occurred to me Conan may be the least cucked nightly talk show host. He is the only one still doing comedy with minimal politics ) πŸ’―  NYT Not biased, at all. πŸ’―  Trump gets to work in a F1 driven by Mario Andretti. πŸ’―  Very significant song. Irish immigrants looked past the contempt directed towards them to fight in the Civil War and PROVE their worth. Traditional Irish song "Whiskey in the Jar" was adapted to "We'll Fight for Uncle Sam" to express a desi πŸ’―  Merkel's disastrous leadership shows why Germany needs an 8-year term limit instead of one limited only by lifespan πŸ’―  Sean Hannity & Newt Gingrich Suddenly Outraged By Govt Spying - Secular Talk πŸ’―  Mumkey's Declassified Communism Survival Guide πŸ’―  Tampa on the up ? πŸ’―  Cubs fans travel well! Listen to the chants @ 2:40. πŸ’―  We Spoke To Rohingya Muslims Fleeing Ethnic Cleansing In Myanmar (HBO) πŸ’―  Journalist Kicked Out After Asking Health Ins CEO About Single Payer - Secular Talk πŸ’―  Dow’s Toxic Chemical Released to the Public - RT America πŸ’―  Roy Jones Jr with the Ring knockout of the year 1998 πŸ’―  Keeping Level - Darth Wader πŸ’―  Another Gilly interview: Walk The Talk With Adam Gilchrist, July 2017 πŸ’―  That time Gilchrist took a wicket bowling his first and only ball in IPL. πŸ’―  Chuck Todd's Unusually Aggressive Attack on Single-Payer Reveals Media's Agenda - The Humanist Report πŸ’―  Dem Leadership Cuddles Up To Loser Conservative 'Blue Dog' Dems - Secular Talk πŸ’―  France: thousands rally against labour reforms - euronews πŸ’―  Morgan Freeman's Absurd View of American Democracy - Let The Madness Begin πŸ’―  Will We Have Medicare for All Within 10 Years? - David Pakman Show πŸ’―  Carlos Hyde a good fit in Kyle Shanahans's run game? πŸ’―  Derek Carr has a new commercial...and it's great. πŸ’―  Trump Threatens To 'Totally Destroy' N KΓ³rea - Secular Talk πŸ’―  Kodama bench seminar, part 2 (Japanese, no subs) πŸ’―  LIVE: N. Korean FM Ri Yong Ho addresses UNGA - RT πŸ’―  Wave of Earth and Ground - Unusual Phenomenon - GlobalLeaks News πŸ’―  Federer vs Querrey Laver Cup 2017 Highlights πŸ’―  Roger Federer Vs Sam Querrey - Laver Cup 2017 (Highlights HD) πŸ’―  Roger Federer vs Sam Querrey - Laver Cup Highlights HD πŸ’―  Tennis Amazing Game #3 Federer & Wawrinka go into Exo Mode! πŸ’―  Rafael Nadal Vs Jack Sock - Laver Cup 2017 (Highlights HD) πŸ’―  Federer Coaches Zverev. Tells hIm not to fall "way back" behind baseline πŸ’―  Even Red State Republicans Want Medicare For All TYT 5:51] πŸ’―  Progressive foreign policy is building our common humanity & opposing forces of division πŸ’―  Trump Arming Foreigners With American Guns - TYT πŸ’―  LIVE: Final countdown to German federal elections (RT's special coverage) - RT πŸ’―  German voters 'undecided' hours before polls open - euronews πŸ’―  German election campaigning ends ahead of vote - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  5 years ago, Danica and Stenhouse shared the hug felt around the world πŸ’―  ""The Best Snowboarder"" πŸ’―  The best sounding modern LMP car? πŸ’―  Keep practicing those trick shots πŸ’―  Youtube channel with 1M subscribers outlines the positives of war & pushes for WW3. πŸ’―  Hillary: "Pizzagate E-Mails Kept Me Out of White House" πŸ’―  β€œWho Will Be Sent To FEMA Camp” | What do you all think of this video? Nutjob or is he on to something? πŸ’―  Christopher Bollyn: The Man Who Solved 9/11 πŸ’―  The Sky is Fake. Proof. BETTER Video. πŸ’―  CERN 2017 - Cern Can Now Produce Antimatter And Open Stargate πŸ’―  'Why should we support her?' Merkel faces criticism from both left and right - RT πŸ’―  Sanders Lead Salesman of Lie Russia Election Interference As History Rewritten - Sane Progressive πŸ’―  Spanish government and Catalonia clash over control of regional police - euronews πŸ’―  'Man of the people' or 'Bollinger Bolshevik'? Getting the measure of Merkel's rival Schulz - RT πŸ’―  Black Students Shutdown FBI Director's Keynote Speech - The Jimmy Dore Show πŸ’―  Cop Yells at This Man Helping Harvey Flood Victims and Says "We Have Had Enough" πŸ’―  Oldie but goodie. Grand jury clears man for killing sheriff's deputy. πŸ’―  Sanders Complicit in 2016 Crime, Election Fraud Rewrite 2016 - Sane Progressive πŸ’―  New Rule: The City Mouse and the Country Mouse πŸ’―  John McCain Saves Obamacare But He's NOT A Hero - The Jimmy Dore Show πŸ’―  [Spoiler] Winner of OSP/Okami post fight interview πŸ’―  [Spoiler] Winner of co-main post fight interview πŸ’―  Winner of Silva/Saki post-fight interview [spoiler] πŸ’―  Road FC 42 and Young Guns 36 Free Live stream πŸ’―  UFC 216 Free Fight: Tony Ferguson vs Abel Trujillo πŸ’―  UFC 216 Free Fight: Kevin Lee vs Jake Matthews πŸ’―  Even Red State Republicans Want Medicare For All - TYT πŸ’―  Jordan Maxham's BS Smith bigflip was cool, but I always liked his BS Smith 180 more πŸ’―  T FUNK ROUGH CUT.... 20 minutes of raw shredding πŸ’―  ChalkySticks: Testing a new Facebook bot. Find a place to play pool by sending us a message! πŸ’―  'Selective approach': UNSC failed to investigate war crimes in Iraq – HRW - RT πŸ’―  Judoka decided to learn leg locking. What are some effective heel hook setups from butterfly guard? πŸ’―  3 super magical side control escapes πŸ’―  [OT] Being Bruce: Driving Bruce McLaren's M6A πŸ’―  2014 Formula 1 Turbo Manifold and Exhaust πŸ’―  Stunning Art - Exploded F1 Mercedes from 2010 πŸ’―  Indication of how loud V10's are. Sound of the 2-Seater from downtown Melbourne. πŸ’―  [OT] Back in the Driving Seat - Toto Takes on the NΓΌrburgring! πŸ’―  Korean crisis like kindergarten fight between children - Lavrov - RT πŸ’―  'Apple and Google only want your biometrics not to sell phones!" – Lionel - Lionel Nation πŸ’―  SELLOUT!!! Kurt Knutsson And Greg Gutfeld DESTROYS Mark Zuckerberg πŸ’―  Adam Kokesh: The New Libertarian Strategy πŸ’―  FAIL: Putin Embarrasses Yandex AI Robot Who Fails to Answer "Tough Questions" - Russia Insider πŸ’―  'Angela Merkel as Mother Teresa': Highlights of German election season in just 50 seconds - RT πŸ’―  Is This Time Different? Race, Labor, and AI πŸ’―  Half a million Londoners sign Uber's petition to stay on the roads - euronews πŸ’―  Flags & Flares: Separatist and Unionist protesters face off in Catalonia - RT πŸ’―  In My Bag with Hannah Leatherman πŸ’―  Should Celebrity Virtue Allow For A Free Political Pass? - The Majority Report with Sam Seder πŸ’―  Bimbo raps about skiing. This is the chick in the news for shooting a homeless guy who asked her to not blast rap music from her Porsche in the middle of the night. But it's getting me pumped for the season πŸ’―  75% Of REPUBLICANS In Congress Won't Fund Border Wall - TYT πŸ’―  King Letsie III of Lesotho: Ready for more power - TTAJ - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  [Pk]Learn Backflip in Just 60 SECONDS + Giveaway πŸ’―  [FR] Landed scoot Cork FIRST TRY!!! πŸ’―  Donald Trump Finds Yet ANOTHER Way To Embarrass The United States - The Majority Report with Sam Seder πŸ’―  US opioid crisis: 41 states to investigate big pharma's 'role' - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  Syrian army encircles ISIL in Deir Az Zor - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  RealTalk 9: How is The Men's Movement helping men? πŸ’―  How Do Women React To Seeing Men's Bulge In Public πŸ’―  The Neuropsychiatric Bases for Trump Hatred Explained Clinically - Lionel Nation πŸ’―  The Film Room Ep. 47: Matthew Stafford - The Motown Miracle Worker. Great analysis of Stafford's outlook vs ATL πŸ’―  Opening Dove Weekend!!! πŸ’―  Kil's bay adventure part 3: red creek πŸ’―  Tremors detected in North Korea raising fears of another nuclear test - euronews πŸ’―  'Jamaica Coalition': Smaller parties to be kingmakers if Merkel needs alliance to rule - RT πŸ’―  Iran 'successfully launches ballistic missile' - euronews πŸ’―  Germany's economic forces at play - Counting the Cost - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  Grand Canyon Trip πŸ’―  Kungsleden #4 - Laitajaure to Parte πŸ’―  Jesus and Trump go to a Music Festival 2017 (Pt 1) BESTIVAL 2017 πŸ’―  How much Slack is too much? Physics continued... πŸ’―  Corporate Media FAILS To Report On Deadly Pesticide From Chemical Industry Giant - TYT πŸ’―  Keiser Report: China Effect on Oil & Bitcoin Markets (E1127) - RT πŸ’―  I'll give you a dollar if you can watch this entire video (4min. 27sec.). Are all Yankees fans like this? πŸ’―  The Listening Post - 'What Happened': Hillary Clinton and the media - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  Even Rodrigues of the Sabers collides with a Borg. πŸ’―  2002 Winter Olympics All Canada Goals LEMIEUX πŸ’―  Nation Of Aggression - Anorexia Isan (Official Video 2017) #1 πŸ’―  Now this was a good ad. πŸ’―  The Adelaide Crows Stare Down πŸ’―  YELLOW AND BLACK πŸ’―  Cotchin Bump on Shiel πŸ’―  That awkward moment when you would rather asscoiate your self with this song instead of the star spangled banner. πŸ’―  Tremor detected in North Korea raising fears of another nuclear test - euronews πŸ’―  North Korea Threatens to Test Hydrogen Bomb in Ocean as Kim Jong Un Calls Trump "Dotard" πŸ’―  Can Raila Odinga win Kenya's re-election? - UpFront (Headliner) - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  Container ship time lapse video πŸ’―  Has the Syrian opposition lost the war? - UpFront (Arena) - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  Catalonia - Brutal Government Repression Attempts To Stop 1st October Referendum πŸ’―  Not sure if this has ever been posted but I just stumbled across this piece of gold. πŸ’―  John Cena copes with invisibility πŸ’―  The most emotional, riveting, inspiring promo by Dean Ambrose of all time. πŸ’―  On The Road With AJ Styles πŸ’―  Kofi Kingston: "A lot of times, when we are given stuff to say, we just say what we want to say. As long as it hits... that is all Vince cares about. Even when he doesn’t agree with what we want to say, he looks at the crowd, sees everyon πŸ’―  Trump: Fire players who kneel during US national anthem - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  Flash floods destroy thousands of homes in Sudan - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  BREAKING! ISIS Strikes Syrian / Russian Forces in Deir ez Zor From US Controlled Zone in Syria - Russia Insider πŸ’―  'Tyrannosaurus Rex of politics': How Merkel became something of a political survivor - RT πŸ’―  Secular Talk - Senator Can't Name Single Reason GOP Healthcare Bill Is Good [07:27] πŸ’―  Bernie: We are not going to let this horrific legislation pass. πŸ’―  We Read Hillary's Book So You Don't Have To πŸ’―  Guns, and how they affect policing. πŸ’―  Love story with a difference kicks off San Sebastian Film Festival - euronews πŸ’―  McCain defies Trump on healthcare reform again - euronews πŸ’―  Martin Schulz reaches out to undecided voters in massive Berlin rally - euronews πŸ’―  Trump's "Mein Kampf" tirade πŸ’―  The Great Meme War: CYBERWAR (Full Episode) πŸ’―  What Was Liberalism? #1 Ideology & Violence | Philosophy Tube πŸ’―  Phil Ochs - Too Many Martyrs (Civil Rights song, still very relevant now) πŸ’―  The Kornilov Coup πŸ’―  Ukrainian nationalists attack communist office πŸ’―  US Health secretary under investigation over travel fees - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  Prominent Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Mahdi Akef dies - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  French protest Macron's new labour laws - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  Constructive or Brexit betrayal: Mixed reaction to Theresa May speech - euronews πŸ’―  Dam failure sparks Puerto Rico flash flood emergency - euronews πŸ’―  Afghan minerals: Uncovered conspiracy πŸ’―  Remember that time James Simpson Daniel skinned Jonah Lomu? πŸ’―  Risk of disease adds to Rohingya refugees’ misery - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  Merkel, Schulz reach out to undecided voters as far-right surge looms - euronews πŸ’―  Virtual reality highlight of Tokyo Game Show convention - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  Theresa May requests two-year transition after Brexit - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  Can We Replace Trump With "AI?" The Real World Consequences of "Artificial Intelligence" πŸ’―  Pop Culture - We Don't Know / Foodstagram #13 πŸ’―  Sweden holds huge military exercise - Sky News πŸ’―  Kaden Stone - 10 year old amazing bmx rider πŸ’―  Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour Vs. Supreme Vs. Mondial Tires / American Music VS China /Saw White Girl πŸ’―  LIVE: President Donald Trump Rally for Senator Luther Strange in Huntsville, AL 9/22/17 πŸ’―  We are media now! #WeaponizedPepe πŸ’―  Thought I'd re-post a classic! πŸ’―  Campus Marxists run away when they see a Traditional Catholic procession. πŸ’―  Is Kenya’s democracy in crisis? - UpFront - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  Ronaldo, Messi & Neymar make FIFA Best Player shortlist - sport - euronews πŸ’―  Corbyn, Farage blast May's Brexit speech - euronews πŸ’―  Kurdish leader Barzani: Independence will not disrupt fight against ISIL - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  What a future David Clifford has πŸ’―  For all the Mayo fans out there sick of losing All Irelands, you might be interested in this! πŸ’―  Five key takeaways from Theresa May’s Brexit speech in Florence - euronews πŸ’―  170922_NWSU_1744123_1744161_83680_202130_en - euronews πŸ’―  Mexico continues search for survivors after earthquake - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  Iran unveils new ballistic missile - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  Morbidly obese club fighter knocks Deontay Wilder onto the ropes πŸ’―  Eubank Sr KO's Dos Santos with the first punch he throws and then poses for the camera πŸ’―  Ashish nehra unleashed ..English subtitle available πŸ’―  Adam Gilchrist gives his views on the walking incident in the 2003 world cup semi-final on the show "This is your life" πŸ’―  Aussie teaches Chinaman - CRICKET! πŸ’―  Erdogan supporters beat up protestors at New York speech - euronews πŸ’―  Man charged over London tube bomb attack - euronews πŸ’―  Putin Summons Russian Oligarchs To Kremlin Meeting / Moscow, Russia - Russia Insider πŸ’―  Hey Kim Jong-Un: Making Fun Of Trump Is America's Thing - The Late Show with Stephen Colbert πŸ’―  London decides to discontinue Uber's licence - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  Insults fly as Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un continue war of words - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  The Film Room Ep. 47 - "Matthew Stafford is comfortable when the script is completely thrown out the window. He's really at his best when the game is well past the point of insanity and nothing makes sense anymore." πŸ’―  Film Analysis: Christian McCaffrey In The Passing Game πŸ’―  Desmond Trufant 1 Interception/1 Fumble Return TD Full Highlights(Week 2) πŸ’―  Puerto Rico: Thousands evacuated after Hurricane Maria damages dam - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  Pressure on Barcelona to stop Catalan independence vote - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  The No Paddle Method to Catch Waves Using a Dock πŸ’―  a reminder in case any of you forgot this happened πŸ’―  North Korea: Trump and Kim trade "'mad men" insults as war of words intensifies - euronews πŸ’―  Alexander Zverev Vs Denis Shapovalov - Laver Cup 2017 (Highlights HD) πŸ’―  Domi and Sascha have a super-secret friendship handshake πŸ’―  Nadal/Berdych Vs Kyrgios/Sock - Laver Cup 2017 (Highlights HD) πŸ’―  Nadal saving 5 match points at the 2009 Indian Wells Round of 16 against Nalbandian. He was down 3-6, 3-5 on his serve and had to fend off five match points before finally winning the set and then the third set. He later went on to win the πŸ’―  Bernie: We are not going to let pass this horrific legislation. πŸ’―  Why is the EPA Dodging Jordan's Questions?!?!?!? πŸ’―  Hillary Clinton's Revisionism (by: Katie Halper) πŸ’―  Bernie Sanders celebrates as San Francisco becomes the 1st US city to offer free college πŸ’―  Senator Merkley Speaks Out Against Graham-Cassidy πŸ’―  Propaganda | Effectively targeting the four main subgroups of your audience, applying the two golden principles of crafting a good message, and choosing an appropriate messenger. πŸ’―  Advent Calendar of Rebellion 3: The Numbers | Srdja Popovic discusses essential concepts related to nonviolent movements πŸ’―  MEDICARE . San Francisco, California, Β· Senator Bernie Sanders addresses a major nurses' πŸ’―  Puerto Rico Braces As Dam Fails [TYT 7:46] πŸ’―  Brazil army shuts down largest favela in Rio de Janeiro - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  Verbal Judo then physical Judo πŸ’―  Round 11 of the 2017 NASCAR Pinty's series from Autodrome St-Eustache πŸ’―  Dale Jr chimes in on post-race burnouts and tire blowouts. πŸ’―  This is amazing πŸ’―  TIL that there was an animated show for NASCAR πŸ’―  Spanish police arrest man in connection with Barcelona attack - euronews πŸ’―  A short video I put together from this summer. Alaska really is a special place. πŸ’―  Minnow Trapping: Fresher Bait, More Money In Your Pocket πŸ’―  When Spiders Flipped My Kayak While Fishing πŸ’―  Snowboard Bails & Board Snapping Montage! πŸ’―  GRT Grasser Racing Team - Lamborghini Huracan GT3 - Blancpain GT Series πŸ’―  THOUGHTS ON THE PAUSED DEADLIFTS? πŸ’―  CNN reporter: β€œHelp them adjust to this New World Order they’re going to be living in after this.” πŸ’―  Fox reporter β€œaccidentally” says Hurricane Harvey was man-made. The sheep will call this a slip of the tongue, but the satanic media is mocking us now. πŸ’―  Pedophiles Run the Government and No One Gives a !@#$%^&* - BFP Roundtable πŸ’―  Why US is friends with Saudi Arabia πŸ’―  David Zublick: One Third Of US Government Satanic Pedophiles (one third!!!!!!) πŸ’―  What Really Happened: Mike Rivero Friday 9/22/17: Today's News Talk Show πŸ’―  Jim Fetzer on "Why Pizzagate Matters." πŸ’―  "Ridiculous" amount of children going missing in Oregon. πŸ’―  China claims gold in track cycling at Asian Games - sport - euronews πŸ’―  Senator Al Franken on Health Care Debate πŸ’―  Angry Dude Catches Cop In a Lie and Tells Him Off πŸ’―  [September 22, 2017] Cell phone video of officer shooting man dead at 7 Eleven. 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