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Must Watch: Wednesday, July 18, 2018

💯  Zedd's Music Critic Ep. 1 | VICE News Tonight (HBO) 💯  Las Vegas cop fires 31 shots at suspects during high-speed chase - RT 💯  🇬🇧 What are the limits of foreign lobbying in the UK? | Inside Story - Al Jazeera English 💯  US arms exports over last 6 decades (TIMELAPSE) - RT 💯  Tourist dies after meteotsunami hits Spanish island - euronews 💯  Leftist Mexican Prez Elect Makes Trump Look Ridiculous - Redacted Tonight 💯  🇩🇪 'Your number is up': German town handles cemetery overcrowding | Al Jazeera English - Al Jazeera English 💯  🇹🇭 Thai boys go home after 'miracle' rescue from cave | Al Jazeera English - Al Jazeera English 💯  Boris Johnson savages Britain's Brexit policy in resignation speech - euronews 💯  Poll: Russia one of the least important issues for Americans - RT 💯  The Secrets of Making a Great Movie Trailer 💯  CNN Begs For Social Media Censorship - Secular Talk 💯  🇵🇸 🇮🇱 Hamas defiant after Israeli threats over burning kites | Al Jazeera English - Al Jazeera English 💯  🇮🇶 Iraq struggles with economic, energy crises as protests spread | Al Jazeera English - Al Jazeera English 💯  Disneyland Workers Live in Their Cars by Bernie Sanders 💯  LIVE Q&A: What Is The Real Threat to Democracy? - TheRealNews 💯  Money talks: Probe reveals Facebook protects pages even after guideline violations - RT 💯  Are Australia's hardline immigration policies working? | The Stream - Al Jazeera English 💯  Geraint Thomas has grabbed yellow jersey after winning stage 11 - euronews 💯  Californian Dem Party Endorses Kevin De Leon OVER Dianne Feinstein - The Humanist Report 💯  Putin's Russia and the ghost of the Romanovs 💯  George Will: Trump, 'Embarrassing Wreck Of A Man' 💯  The NRA-Linked Russian Spy Who Isn't Donald Trump 💯  Why Trump Just Can't 'Hit Delete' On Helsinki Remarks 💯  Trump's Number Of False Claims Rising: Steve Rattner's Charts 💯  Outnumbered 7/18/18 - Breaking Fox News Today - July 18th 2018 💯  Trump Officials Say They Are FINALLY Embarrassed To Work For Trump 💯  Who Is America? (2018) | 'Toddlers with Guns' clip 💯  Who Is America? 💯  Gastown Grand Prix 2018 - Full Race 💯  Baja Wine Country Granfondo-Race | Baja Bike Race 💯  Dodging Cones and Winning Field Sprints - Brisbane P/1/2 Crit 💯  Trump says Russia not targeting US 💯  The Late Capitalism of K-Pop - Taking a look at the history and development of South Korean pop music and the highly exploitative system that underpins it. 💯  Are there supermarkets in Cuba? A complete guide for visiting Cuba 💯  Critique of Left Unity 💯  [2006] Interview with UK-KFA Head 💯  Trump Admin Wants To Protect Dark Money Donors From The IRS 💯  Trump Claims He Just Misspoke When He Betrayed America 💯  Trump Blames His Putin Summit Debacle on a Slip of the Tongue 💯  Gutfeld: The lone effectiveness of Trump 💯  Eddie Hall Axle Press Progression 160 Kg to 200 Kg - The Beast 💯  Watch Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin's full press conference (Helsinki, 2018) 💯  Unbridled Russian Hysteria: A Rant 💯  Imagine if Trump Got Caught Saying This 💯  Putin Reveals New "Idea" For Solving Mueller Probe- CLEVER!!! Press Conference Decoded 💯  Chuck Schumer Is The Ultimate Dirtbag 💯  TREASON?? Trump Advisor Addresses Putin Summit | Louder With Crowder 💯  Antifa Now Doxing And Violently Threatening Conservatives 💯  Did You See That? Watch The MSM Meltdown Over Trump's Meeting With Putin Compilation 💯  Owner Of Building That Leased To #OneGrandGallery Speaks Out Against The Headless Depiction Of Trump 💯  Liberal admits that Democrats oppose Kavanaugh to oppose President Trump! 💯  5 Reasons the Border Wall Won't Stop Drugs 💯  Against Slut shaming a classical liberal argument 💯  London, UK - Trump Protest - What's Your Favourite Sign? 💯  Methods of attacking turtle 💯  An old Juji Gatame Rollover 💯  Trump voters react to President's summit with Putin 💯  Former White House stenographer on Trump's vulnerability 💯  Slow Motion Snowboarding 💯  8hour Roadtrip from Canada to Snag the Last Weekend of Beartooth Basin 2 weeks Ago. SUMMER SNOWBOARDING IS AS GOOD AS IT SOUNDS FOLKS 💯  Spent my whole season shooting a backcountry boarding movie. Stoked to finally drop the trailer! 💯  Trump Sent Into Panic As Michael Cohen Says He Won’t Be Silent Anymore 💯  Jake Tapper: Trump sided with the enemy 💯  Cuomo: Trump betrayed country as exercise in vanity 💯  NASCAR at Charlotte Motor Speedway: ROVAL Test II July 17, 2018 💯  Great feel good compilation, starts with Norm Benning in honor of this week's race 💯  It’s that time of year again 💯  A different kind of pitstop 💯  Trump and Putin: A surreal moment in US politics 💯  Jeff Flake: GOP Show Support For The Intel. Community After Trump-Putin Meeting. Alternative title: Flake lives up to his name by being a snowflake. 💯  I didn't know Tommy Buns got in to politics 💯  “Man becomes, as it were, the sex organs of the machine world, as the bee of the plant world, enabling it to fecundate and to evolve ever new forms. The machine world reciprocates man’s love by expediting his wishes and desires, namely, 💯  You guys may like this video tearing apart Steven Crowder's debate style 💯  Let us never forget the final podcast of the infamous Newborn Baby Killer. 💯  Joe Rogan Experience #1145 - Peter Schiff 💯  Sex advice from Uncle Joey 💯  BULLSHIT JOBS - David Graeber 💯  I think you guys are gonna appreciate this: "Modern Educayshun" 💯  Joe Rogan reacts to Jocko Willink motivation speech 💯  Comedian Norm Macdonald talks Trump, PM Trudeau, Comedians using Trump as a crutch 💯  Higher Education Coming Apart 💯  Ever thought you would see Roger Applauding Novak ? 25 Genius shots EVEN the Opponent HAD TO Applaud! 💯  Federer/Nadal vs Querrey/Sock - Laver Cup 2017 Highlights (HD) 💯  (OT) 1996 Toyota Grand Prix of Monterey 💯  2004 vs 2017. Qualifying battle between Formula One Cars 2004 and 2017 💯  Remember Ayrton Senna 💯  Plenty For Congress To Do If It Wants To Deal With Donald Trump Crisis 💯  Sasha Cohen as Brüno tries to seduce former presidential candidate Ron Paul 💯  Trump Takes Oath of Office | ABC News 💯  Trump Brags About Snubbing CNN, Then Admits He’s Watching CNN 💯  Jimmy Kimmel on Trump/Putin Summit 💯  President Obama Speech at 16th Annual Nelson Mandela Lecture (7/17/18) 💯  Arnold Schwarzenegger reacts to President Trump and President Putin meeting 💯  The fallout from the Trump Putin Summit 💯  Garbledygoop, "But that’s OK" 💯  Republican Senate Candidate Attacks His Parents In Op-Ed After They Donate To His Challenger 💯  Obama on embracing our common humanity: "Just ask the French football team" 💯  Tucker Carlson Thinks Mexico Is Interfering With US Elections By Changing Our Culture 💯  The REAL THREAT To The Trump Russia Investigation 💯  Steve Bannon on Euronews, full interview from the 24th of May 2018 (45 mins)- very good resource no matter where you stand on his person 💯  Listen to the fascist sing 💯  Rand Paul Shreds Critics of Trump's Helsinki Summit with Putin 💯  Your World With Neil Cavuto 7/17/18 - Fox News Today Live - July 17th 2018 💯  The Five Today 7/17/18 - Fox News Live - July 17th 2018 💯  Obama speaks about 'strange and uncertain times' 💯  Trump claims he misspoke about Russia, immediately contradicts himself 💯  Barack Obama delivers 16th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture 💯  Ex-White House Stenographer Says Trump Doesn’t Like Being Recorded Because Truth Bothers Him 💯  Erin Burnett, "How stupid does Trump think we are?" 💯  Tucker Carlson Tonight 7/17/18 - Fox News Today - July 17th 2018 💯  Trump, facing an onslaught of bipartisan fury over his glowing remarks about Vladimir Putin, said more than 24 hours afterward that he had misspoken during his news conference 💯  Trump Stands By Embrace Of Putin, Says He Misspoke One Word 💯  Who is Hillary Clinton working for? 💯  Sean Hannity Tonight 7/17/18 - Fox News Today Live - July 17th 2018 💯  Trump Blames a Slip of the Tongue for his Putin Summit Debacle | The Daily Show 💯  The Ingraham Angle 7/17/18 - Fox News Today - July 17th 2018 💯  How America Got Divorced from Reality: Christian Utopias, Anti-Elitism, Media Circus | Kurt Andersen  Go Back 1 Day: Tuesday, July 17, 2018