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Must Watch: Monday, October 23, 2017

πŸ’―  The Manboys - Episode 1 - We Did It Without Gas πŸ’―  If you're not short enough πŸ’―  This is an Orange. πŸ’―  Tom Hanks in an Interview Says there Exists a Kind of Sexual Politics in Some Industries that are Filled With Powerful People πŸ’―  Trump's Generals Aren't Saviors, They're Dangers. Colonel Larry Wilkerson, Real News Network πŸ’―  Wildfire 2017 California - Drone footage - Buildings Burned - Trees Untouched - Officials Asked about DEW πŸ’―  Loomer's EXCLUSIVE: Footage from inside MandalayBay, there appears to be a body underneath a towel presumably showing another shooter? πŸ’―  New(?) Raw video from Vegas Shooting. πŸ’―  Bill Maher: US Should 'Fight Back' Against RΓΌssian Attacks πŸ’―  Handball goalkeeper saves and scores a goal with his foot (!!) πŸ’―  The Governments War on Culture & Community πŸ’―  "ANSWER THE QUESTIONS!!!" Al Green GETS P*SSED OFF; DESTROYS Ben Carson on Trump's Budget πŸ’―  Donors Abandon Desperate DNC πŸ’―  Primary Cheater Donna Brazile Appointed To Rules Committee - YouTube πŸ’―  Blading down a bobsled track πŸ’―  Some derby history... πŸ’―  Sage Northcutt grapples with a bodybuilder. πŸ’―  Chael Sonnen tells the story of his hardest weight cut πŸ’―  Nick Diaz is not excited πŸ’―  Kristina Williams asked about a title shot after Bellator 185, and if she had "drunken teenage years, getting pregnant" - seriously πŸ’―  Chael Sonnen's great interview about issues on TUF, Wanderlei being afraid of Vitor πŸ’―  New Chris Joslin Part | Ode To London πŸ’―  2nd day of trying to land that 360 flip on flatground. Didn't stick one but I did roll away from a couple sloppy heelflips. πŸ’―  It's my birthday today, & I have NOW finally finished the biggest project for me ever. Here is my skate video/hip-hop music video Left Side of the Right Mind. [OC] πŸ’―  Skateboarding in Texas πŸ’―  Clint Walker - Birdhouse "Saturdays" πŸ’―  Short Video Doc on the Impact of Skateboarding πŸ’―  I made a thing πŸ’―  Gardai in Ireland respond to Gunman at shopping center in Dublin πŸ’―  Al Sharpton: Donald Trump Insecure For Not Measuring Up To Obama | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC πŸ’―  A Trump Speech Written By Artificial Intelligence πŸ’―  That time Vettel thought the race ended one lap earlier and slowed down... πŸ’―  Kimi team radio after getting overtaken by Max πŸ’―  Vettel penalised because overtaking off track Germany 2012 πŸ’―  The Flying Finn πŸ’―  [USGP] My crappy little lap 1 turn 1 video from the crowd. πŸ’―  "Vittu! Sorry Guys, F*ck me, F*ck..!" - Kimi after the race - Austin 2017 πŸ’―  Because its trending for some weird reason: Dean Lister refusing to acknowledge the ezekiel choke πŸ’―  BJJ Scout: Demian Maia v Colby Covington Preview Study πŸ’―  A commercial from last night that really resonated with me πŸ’―  Jeff Monson performs in β€˜Build A Wall’ music video πŸ’―  Catalonia's push for independence getting heated πŸ’―  How to Raise Kids Who Are Smart About Money πŸ’―  Walter Block: There are Some Truths Behind Stereotypes πŸ’―  George Bush is a Complete Idiot πŸ’―  Legionarii - Return to Aldebaran - The metrics of Nordic superiority πŸ’―  US Debt Explosion! πŸ’―  Defiant Order - Why Fascism is the answer πŸ’―  California Tried to Seize Millions of This Inventor’s Fortune. He Fought Back. And Won. πŸ’―  Jacob Rees-Mogg MP Hosts His 1st LBC Show πŸ’―  Anti-Semitic Restaurant Owners Attack Jewish Customer πŸ’―  Showing off a goal from a recent game - 7 Year Old Sniper πŸ’―  Topshelf Finish Practice - Close Range Finishing - HD πŸ’―  October 5th Bulldogs GoPro, new gear debut doesn't go very well... πŸ’―  How to fail at democracy 101: Weimar Republic [YT video; contains humour] πŸ’―  Why Tax Breaks For the Rich Don't Create Jobs πŸ’―  Hillary Clinton say whaaaaaa??? This shiiii crayy πŸ’―  My fire quantum πŸ’―  503t with 1,000 grit πŸ’―  My 300 game πŸ’―  What Makes Professional Bowlers So Good (The Basics) *Not meant to be promotional πŸ’―  My son’s bowling journey continues... πŸ’―  Searching for the Source of a Supreme Court Error πŸ’―  CNN Ad - This Is An Apple πŸ’―  The NRA just put out another extremely disturbing video threatening violence against progressives πŸ’―  2017 DGPT Tour Championship | Round 3, Front 9 | Wysocki, Barsby, Johnson, Cole πŸ’―  2017 DGPT Tour Championship | Round 3, Back 9 | Wysocki, Barsby, Johnson, Cole πŸ’―  Macron's dog relieves himself near fireplace at Γ‰lysΓ©e Palace πŸ’―  The Ethics of Death πŸ’―  Shitty posture is good posture! πŸ’―  Attempted Skeetgolf... was too cold/wet to really make it work πŸ’―  Anabolic Acrobat JON CALL - JUJIMUFU Crazy Workout πŸ’―  Hannibal For King - God Of Street Workout πŸ’―  Beautifully shot video of Chris Benchetler last season. πŸ’―  Go Pro Ice Mountain Trip πŸ’―  "Journey to Dreams" Episode 1, part 1 (Morocco) (Subtitled) πŸ’―  Koksijde World Cup Men’s elite replay πŸ’―  [fr] Freerunning Training Vlog 03 πŸ’―  Trump Undercuts Gold Star Widow Myeshia Johnson In New Tweet πŸ’―  Whipple On John Kelly: President Donald Trump "Tarnishes" Everyone Around Him πŸ’―  Nigel Farage: Catalonia's push for independence getting heated πŸ’―  Chinese Animation's Tragic History πŸ’―  Watch Obama crack himself up πŸ’―  Ben Collins: Russian Trolls Exist To Destabilize The West | MSNBC πŸ’―  San Juan (puerto Rico) mayor grades Trump's performance: 10 out of 100 πŸ’―  Does President Donald Trump Spit Out Controversies Du Jour To Distract? πŸ’―  THE WORLD 2017 STAGE 5 MALAYSIA 【LIVE - Oct 22】 πŸ’―  12 Perfect Darts On The Trot To Win $15,000us - Chuck Puleo πŸ’―  Pentathlon TDP T6 24g darts review πŸ’―  The Best of Kyle Anderson πŸ’―  Cuesoul Dragon Darts πŸ’―  WHAT. Can someone please explain this to me?? πŸ’―  Father Records Ex Attempting To Use Police To Remove Daughter From Father's Home During Visitation πŸ’―  The Gender Equality Paradox: Bad news for feminists πŸ’―  I saw this ad a few days ago. How can people possibly get the idea that this is an acceptable female behavior? πŸ’―  #MeToo Mania πŸ’―  Why Courts Fail to Recognize Parental Alientation πŸ’―  Pakistani Hackers Hacked Indian Government Website, Wrote "Free Palestine" "Free Kashmir" πŸ’―  The Mallian Campaign, a most overlooked chapter of the conquests of Alexander the Great, visualized in a youtube video πŸ’―  "Intimidate your surroundings" with the new Whip Snake backpack and clothing line! πŸ’―  Magnus onsighting 2 8bs, and talking thru the cruxes with voiceover. πŸ’―  Tree climbing in Norway πŸ’―  5th Installment of Smuggler’s Notch Bouldering!! πŸ’―  Just a fun raw run πŸ’―  Sheriff in hot water for telling the truth about black crime and victimization πŸ’―  The fellas in high tech are sick of liberal white chicks down with the cause πŸ’―  Mike Enoch vs CNN activist πŸ’―  75 year-old Luke Appling hits a home-run in 1982 Old Timers Game πŸ’―  This beautiful quote by poet Carl Sandberg featured in Ken Burns’ β€œBaseball” brought me back to the game after years of absence. πŸ’―  Philosophy at Work #4 - The Great Battle of the Ages πŸ’―  7 Reds Replacing Made History - Judd Trump & Liang Wenbo πŸ’―  Mark Selby talks about Dafasnooker. πŸ’―  MIC'D UP | Patrik Laine πŸ’―  Pretty funny video πŸ’―  Why Did the Democratic South Become Republican πŸ’―  Alex Bregman's perfect throw home to keep the game at 1-0 πŸ’―  Crazy soccer save from 40 yard shot πŸ’―  If you never got to see the NHL's failed 'glowing puck' experiment on Fox, here's a modern version I made as an experiment πŸ’―  Russia Bribed Hillary TWICE! --Dick Morris, former Clinton consultant πŸ’―  Should Jeff Sessions resign as attorney general? πŸ’―  Trump Calls Up Reserves, Pilots Needed πŸ’―  CNN Admits Most Coverage Of Donald Trump Is Fake News πŸ’―  Leaked Audio Of Trump Calling Gold Star Wife πŸ’―  Tucker Carlson Interviews White NFL Player Who Won't Stand For National Anthem πŸ’―  2018 Voters Will Insist on Swamp Drainers πŸ’―  The Ratings For NFL β€œThursday Night Football” Still Sucks: Keep Kneeling Idiots πŸ’―  The Breathtaking Incoherence of Cowboy Frederica Wilson and Pathetic DNC Ensure Trump a Second Term πŸ’―  You Live To See It! Jfk Assassination Sovled! Carter Endorses Trump Full Show πŸ’―  Disingenuous Neil deGrasse Tyson avoids seed patenting, the real issue, while conceitedly blathering about gmo food πŸ’―  NJPW's newest free match features Daniel Bryan in a tag match πŸ’―  The First Wrestlers (documentary 2017) Inspired by John Cena and WWE, students risk breaking their backs wrestling on a boxing ring as they pursue being Vietnam's first ever pro-wrestling team. πŸ’―  Steve Schmidt On Team Donald Trump's Gold Star Flap: End This Obscenity πŸ’―  John McCain likes people who weren't draft dodgers πŸ’―  Dutch Investigators reveal solid evidence that a Russian BUK missile shot down MH17. Details on transport route, launch site, witnesses, photos and intercepted cellphone conversations πŸ’―  Nancy Pelosi Publicly Wishes For Romney Presidency πŸ’―  Planet Earth gets an "F" from God.  Go Back 1 Day: Sunday, October 22, 2017