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Audio of Stephen Schuck (maintenance in Mandalay) reporting the shooting. No mention of an injured security guard

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The motive mystery behind the 1 October shooting is still haunting investigators.


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He kept me from bleeding out"   Las Vegas Shooting: Community rallies to help in aftermath of killing   Las Vegas Shooting: "Donald Trump really embraced the National Rifle Association"   Las Vegas Shooting: US President Donald Trump addresses the nation   Las Vegas Shooting: Motive of deadly mass shooting still unclear   More than 50 dead, 200 injured after Las Vegas shooting: police   Las Vegas Shooting: Sheriff Lombardo shares details on attack near Mandalay Bay Resort   Las Vegas Shooting: "A tremendous amount of fire power"   Las Vegas Shooting: Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval addresses the press   Las Vegas shooting: Tributes abound in wake of shocking mass killing   Las Vegas Shooting: What to make of Islamic state group's claim of responsibility?   Las Vegas Shooting: "We just legged it" says witness   Volunteers come out to help Las Vegas shooting victims   Las Vegas Shooting: "There were first responders all over the place!"

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